All 12 x 16" done at the park...
A couple of friends/ co-workers.  Yes, they like each other :)

He wasn't too thrilled about his mouth...

During Fright Fest, they let me do whatever I wanted.

Yep, Lego Star Wars!

I mean, c'mon!

This kid was so excited!  Just a demo, but he whipped out his money to buy it.

This nice couple told me I drew them a few years ago when they started dating, now they're married, and still cool.

A drawing for my most loyal customers.  During Fright Fest (of course), and they let me run with it!  Not sure where this came from...

Here's the only other one I have a picture of, 2 out of a total 7 drawings now!  These people are awesome!
Haha, when they sat down, they asked if I could draw anything, and pulled out these lucha libre masks when I said "for sure!"