March 20, 2011

Drawing at the bar...

Here's some quick live drawings from tonight.  I went on St. Patty's night too (crazy) but didn't have a camera with me at the time.  It was awesome, Timmy O'Toole's is great!  Tips were good, employees were cool, overall a blast!
I recently made myself a little "Free Caricatures" sign to put up when I go out to do this type of thing, and it really helps break the ice!  I always feel more comfortable when I have a more clearly defined "purpose," such as "artist" or "nobody," so long as it's defined.  I'll try and get out to do this sorta thing more often.  It's just a cool experience, and people's nights turn out to be more interesting than they anticipated :)

March 7, 2011

Two and a Half Men

There was a challenge to draw Charlie Sheen with his antics, and this is what I came up with.  All hand-drawn and colored, with the background and shadows, highlights p-shopped.  Turned out pretty cool, I think.  A little photo-sing goes a long way.

March 5, 2011

pulp fiction

Here's a piece I've had in mind to do for a while now... and finally put it down on paper!  I could never decide what direction to take it - paint, charcoal, marker - and so I went with the basic, for starters.  This probably won't be the last, these guys just have awesome faces, and such an iconic movie.  Well, onto the next!

March 3, 2011


I was given a Munny to do with what I wanted, and so here's a Steve Zissou, for the Caricaturama Showdown 3000 challenge!  It's acrylic paint, with a little shirt sleeve-hat.  These effin dolls are cute, what can I say...

March 1, 2011

vampire lady

Here's a vampire girl, in charcoal and watercolor pen.  There was a figure drawing session called "Monster Draw" where the figures in this case were this girl, a vampire huntress, and a lady pregnant with a demon bursting out of her stomach.  Even so, this ended up being the most interesting pose in the end (and one I actually got a picture of).  Below is a WIP series.